Services Info


Just complete a several steps, Fami3D will undertake the rest of processes to create an object as per your production request.

  • 1. Prepare your design
  • 2. Get a quote for your design
  • 3. Confirm your order
  • 4. Receive your object

Please ensure that your 3D model has seamless surfaces, reasonable structure and thickness. Then, save it as a CAD drawing.

Please click Quotation to upload your CAD drawing and production request. Fami3D will reply you via e-mail with a quotation in 1 working day.

Please verify the quotation, and make payment to confirm your order before the expiry date. Fami3D will schedule the production as soon as your payment is received.

Fami3D will notify you via e-mail when the production is done, and will arrange delivery or self-pickup respecting to your choice.



The dimensions of each object to be machined must not larger than 185 x 255 x 55 mm. The tolerance is controlled within ±0.04 mm. You can choose metals, woods, carbon fibres or plastics to create your object. Please click Materials to learn more.


Time Frame

The service time frame depends on 3D model’s size and structure, plus production Materials and quantity. Please click Quotation to get a quote.



The service fee depends on operating time and production Materials. Please click Quotation to get a quote.



Your data is kept confidential. Any defective object created during the production will be destroyed instantly to protect the design from leaking.



Please click Examples to learn more.



Please click the “Chat” or “Message” button on the lower right corner to contact Fami3D. You can also click FAQs to learn more.